Latest News

Latest News

  • KorKap PVC-coated conduit’s new “PVC Coated Sealing Locknut” properly protects conduit systems against water, oils, and other liquids
    The primary function of a PVC-coated conduit system is to maximize the life of the electrical system contained and to prevent corrosion from sabotaging its structural integrity. One of the most common exposures occurs at the threads of conduit connections when a sleeve at the female thread is unavailable. Most electrical fitting types can be coated, however in the instance the product is unable to be coated, protection of the thread is still important to … Read more…
  • KorKap PVC-coated conduit Form 8 Condulet Bodies are now certified by UL for Type 4X and IEC for IP69 rating  

    Several environments including the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical facilities, water and wastewater treatment facilities, refineries, and transportation infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels have a need for products with high corrosion resistance that must protect electrical systems from routine exposure to hose-directed water, splashing water, windblown dust and rain, and external ice damage.
    The combination of water, chemicals, dust, high pressures and temperatures can prove to be fatal for electrical systems if not properly protected. … Read more…

  • KorKap PVC Coated Conduit Systems provides proper protection for a variety of airport applications.
    Visit our new website’s section devoted to the airport industry at:
    It is critical to protect the overall airport system to keep the structure operating at full capacity day in and day out. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, especially when many airports struggle to overcome the corrosive environment that exists due to harsh weather conditions—such as the rain, sleet, and snow plaguing airports during the year.
    There are many electrical components within the airport … Read more…
  • Robroy Industries Conduit Division Sponsors Regard4Life Animal Shelter Dogs For Adoption Readiness
    Photo Caption: Paco (left) and Molly(right) are two Regard4Life Animal Shelter dogs that are ready to adopt due to a donation from Robroy Industries Conduit Division.
    Robroy Industries Conduit Division,  PVC coated galvanized rigid conduit  donated $250.00 in sponsorship of two dogs, Paco and Molly, currently living at the Regard4Life Animal Shelter. This sponsorship provides the dogs with what is needed to be ready for adoption—vaccinations, a microchip implant, de-wormer, a heartworm test, two months of … Read more…
  • Specifying products backed by proven high-quality manufacturing standards is the only reliable way of getting the performance you paid for.
    Specifying products backed by proven high-quality manufacturing standards is the only reliable way of getting the performance you paid for.

    Stephanie Ellis –Director –Corrosion College

    Most manufacturers are satisfied to meet basic industry best practices and standards for product compliance. Unfortunately, this statement can even be true with niche products where there is an imperative to perform and where a customer spends additional cost for that level of performance.Forward-thinking manufacturers strive to differentiate themselves by producing products … Read more…

  • Robroy Industries Conduit Division Contributes Decor to Upshur Manor Robroy Industries Conduit Division, a manufacturer of ETL-verified PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit, donated greenery, ficuses, and décor to the local nursing home, Upshur Manor, in Gilmer, Texas.

    Photo Caption: Kylie Herman in Upshur Manor is pictured with décor donated by the Robroy Industries Conduit Division.
    At Upshur Manor Nursing Home, the team strives to provide quality professional care to meet the residents’ needs in a home life atmosphere.  For more information on Upshur Manor Nursing Home:
    For more information … Read more…

  • Robroy Industries Conduit Division Contributes to Upshur County Library Robroy Industries Conduit Division, a manufacturer of ETL-verified PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit donated to the local Upshur County library’s Summer Reading Program.

    Photo Caption: Tabitha Austin, HR Support at the Robroy Industries Conduit Division presents the Upshur County Library with a donation for their Summer Reading Program.
    For more information on the Upshur County Library:
    For more information on Robroy Industries Conduit Division visit:

    Read more…

  • Robroy Industries Conduit Division donates to five local community organizations. Robroy Industries Conduit Division, a manufacturer of ETL-verified PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit  continues to support the local community by donating to five local community organizations: Historic Upshur Museum, the American Cancer Society, Upshur County Community Fund, the American Heart Association and the Gilmer Kiwanis Club.
    In February 2016, Robroy Industries donated $125.00 to the Historic Upshur Museum and the Antique Appraisal Fair in support of the 13thAnnual Antique Appraisal Fair held on February 27, 2016. Beginning … Read more…
  • KorKap’s Contractor Commitment: On Time Delivery & Proper Material Handling Currently, the shipping industry in the United States has been become a challenge for anyone trying to schedule electrical products to a job site.
    The reasons?
    A shortage of truck drivers plus newly implemented driver-regulations that limit time on the road. Unfortunately, this situation does not appear that it will improve any time soon. According to a report by transportation analysts Stifel Financial Corp, the industry as a whole will be short 240,000 drivers by 2022.
    Because on-time … Read more…
  • Knowledge-based product selection and enforcement of specifications are essential for long-term success of electrical equipment in water/wastewater facilities and other corrosive environments.

    Understanding the costly effect of corrosion on water/wastewater facilities:
    Billions of dollars from public and private agencies have been invested in water/wastewater infrastructure.Within these important applications, the constant presence of water creates a corrosive environment that threatens long-term success of critical components, systems, and facilities. Consequently, water/wastewater requirements are primarily served using materials such as concrete, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile iron, brass and copper. 1
    Approximately 50% of operational and maintenance costs in the water … Read more…